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New Work

What happens when you combine a tongue-in-cheek spoof of murder mysteries, reality TV romance competitions, and the live-streaming gay porn industry? You get The Grand Sex Tour Murders!


The Grand Sex Tour Murders follows an American serial killer as he stalks competitors in a live-streaming, gay sex competition taking place in many of Europe's major bathhouses.  Throughout this fictional memoir by the competition's producer, we hear from the guilt-ridden producer, the self-righteous killer, and the increasingly terrified contestants.   Which of the contestants will be murdered in which city, and why? Can they do anything to protect themselves? How does the serial killer manage to get away with his rampage for so long? And who can stop him?


"[A] helluva great book…wickedly entertaining...the way the story is told is so clever…not a single dull moment…the writing style made this novel a real treat…a perfect read."

    --Rainbow Book Reviews  


 "[H]ysterical and heartfelt…an intelligent, fascinating book….Jaffe has come up with yet another winner…Highly recommended!"

    --Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews


 "Jaffe's written a page-turner...A kind of psychological tour de force....At once a thriller and a comedy, this story also makes a pointed critique on not just gay life, but 21st century culture."

    --Trebor Healey, author of Faun and Sweet Son of Pan


"Dan Jaffe writes in so many forms and sizes and genres and areas of his expertise that it's a wonder that he can do well in all of them.  And yet it's true. Sit back, unrelax, and get ready for the ride."

    --Felice Picano, author of Pursuit: A Victorian Entertainment