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Daniel grew up and attended college in New Jersey, then moved to the Boston area for law school. He worked for several years as a corporate/securities attorney before throwing caution to the winds and pursuing a career in creative writing. After his partner (and future husband), Leo Cabranes-Grant, accepted a university teaching position in California, Daniel moved with him to Santa Barbara.

Several of Daniel's short stories have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and dozens of his stories, essays, and articles have appeared in anthologies, literary journals and newspapers in many countries and languages. His work has been taught in college and university courses. He holds degrees from Princeton University (A.B.), Harvard Law School (J.D.), and Vermont College (M.F.A.).

Daniel's newest novel, YELED TOV (2018, Lethe Press), follows a Jewish teenager struggling to reconcile his devotion to Torah with his growing attraction to other young men. Can he be both Jewish and gay? Does he risk losing God's love?


YELED TOV received an Honorable Mention from the Rainbow Awards, which describes the novel as:  "Excellent coming of age story that follows a young Jewish man struggling with his sexuality, self-loathing, vivid imagination and fear of rejection while at college against the backdrop of the 1970's. Deeply moving and a transformative story for all readers, regardless of age, gender, or sexuality."

Kirkus Reviews describes this novel as an "empathetic story of faith and desire." Daniel composed a first draft while seated, with pen and notebook, in a rocking chair on Norman Mailer's Provincetown porch. (Thank you, Norman Mailer Center and Writers Colony, for that inspiring residency!)

What readers are saying about YELED TOV:

--"Talk about a terrific coming of age story! ...The writing, characters, and story are top notch - engaging, unforgettable and completely unputdownable. ... a great story."

--"...heartbreakingly beautiful..."

--"Firstly, Yeled Tov is a stunning book: beautifully written, impossible to put down. Secondly, it may be one of the most important books that have ever been written on the coming-of-age subject." Masha on

--"Yeled Tov reminds me of Michael Cunningham’s work.... Both Jaffe’s work and Cunningham’s work are moving pieces that should be read – by everyone." Ronda Bowen,

--"It's an excellent read that captures, openly and honestly, the pain of growing up 'different'..." Cindy on Goodreads.

--"Yeled Tov is an honest, heartbreaking story ... which made me really happy in the end."

--"This was such a beautiful story..." Instagram: @quietmountainreader.